Growth, Enterprise, Employment & Livelihoods (GEEL) is 6-year USAID-funded project designed to promote and facilitate inclusive economic growth in South Central Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland. The project is currently focusing on the agricultural sector (livestock, fisheries & horticulture) but is anticipated to expand in the future into other sectors of the economy. It will also seek to strengthen the business enabling environment through improving access to finance, policy and regulation, and business development services.GEEL has been awarded Somali Youth Integrated Livelihoods.The goal is to sustainably improve the livelihoods of Somali youth by increasing their participation in the economy, as entrepreneurs, employers and employees resulting in increased self-reliance. Particular focus will be given to increase the participation of women and youth in the economy as entrepreneurs, employers, and employees.


The Workforce Capacity Building Specialist will be responsible for coordinating efforts to adapt market-oriented training curriculums; lead the coordination of all training activities required by the Workforce and Private Sector Specialists including sourcing of and training to service providers; support the promotion of training and events; coordinate and/or adapt  market-oriented soft and technical skills training courses for youth seeking employment; seek alternatives to classroom-based trainings which may include online platforms; and work with trainers to implement ICT solutions to maximize the reach of training and information.

Workforce Capacity Building Specialist General Responsibilities:

The Workforce Capacity Building Specialist duties includes but not limited to:

  1. Identify appropriate training areas to be conducted for youth workforce capacity development under the integrated youth livelihoods initiative;
  2. Lead the development of market-oriented training curriculums appropriate for youth groups leveraging GEEL’s existing value chains and partner network;
  3. Identify youth for training(s) using youth-led social media campaigns, leveraging district youth councils and schools;
  4. Identify local incubators, business development services providers, and youth organizations to establish partnerships to deliver short-term (estimated two-week) courses for youth;
  5. Work with the Youth Employment Specialist and aid the adaptation of RTI’s existing soft skills curriculum to the Somali context;
  6. Support the development of youth soft skills and market-oriented training curriculum modules;
  7. Conduct TOT sessions for service providers before implementing training(s);
  8. In coordination with the support team, lead the identification of training space(s)/venue(s)
  9. Support private sector actors in improving their capabilities to select, train, and hire youth for existing job openings;
  10. Promote partnerships and engagement among higher education institutions, local and national training organizations, and the private sector for better integration of youth in the workforce
  11. Facilitate partnerships between youth development organizations with private sector actors to provide practical businesses skills for youth through internships and job placements;
  12. Improve services and access to organizations which serve youth;
  13. Support access to financial services for youth;
  14. Strengthen and expand youth workforce support services;
  15. Provide technical and institutional support to key local, regional, and national Somali government institutions to strengthen and expand youth workforce support services;
  16. Strengthen partnerships between local and national youth partners and the private sector;
  17. Work in close collaboration with national and local-level private and government counterparts focusing on labor systems or workforce development, as well as relevant local organizations;
  18. Any other tasks as assigned by the supervisor.


The Workforce Capacity Building Specialist will report to the Youth Livelihoods Team Leader and have a working relationship with other Youth Specialist team.

Qualifications/ Experience:


  • Minimumbachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Youth Programming, Economics, statistics, international development, or a related field (or, alternately, equivalent academic accomplishment in a relevant field and 3-5 additional years of relevant experience);


  • Minimum3-5 years of experience working in workforce development, technical and vocational education training (TVET), employment, entrepreneurship, capacity building of local institutions, public-private partnerships or other relevant experience;
  • Previous experience developing curricular and training modules;
  • Experience in youth programming and/or similar youth workforce development projects;
  • Should have experience in at least one in-demand labor market; illustratively this may include ICT, agribusiness, construction, tourism, health care, or manufacturing.


  • Demonstrated understanding of monitoring and evaluation concepts and applications
  • Excellent oral and written English language communication skills.
  • Oral and written Somali language communication skills (preferred)
  • Experience working in/on fragile or post-conflict states (preferred)
  • Experience working with local organizations and community groups.

How to apply:

Interested applicants who meet the above requirements can submit updated CV and cover letter to Jobs@sogeel.org  with subject line:  Application forWorkforce Capacity Building Specialist – Mogadishu Somalia.

Deadline:by15thJanuary 2020