Project Summary:The proposed project will support three existing  GBV one stop centers and three safe spaces in Sool to ensure sustained provision of GBV services for survivors and will also support referral pathways for service provision. This is a comprehensive Gender Based Violence (GBV) project that attacks the root causes of GBV in Emergencies through mitigating the risk of GBV occurring in IDP and within the host communities of Laas Caanood, Taleex and Dharkein ganyo and provides multi-sectorial services to survivors of GBV through community based programming and strengthening of GBV response systems and promoting community cohesiveness which will promote community-based protection mechanism by ensuring women, men, girls and boys participate in community-based protection mechanisms/sessions. The primary modalities for delivering service will be through the scaling up of direct service provision to GBV survivors using integrated referral pathways for clinical management of rape, service mobilization through women and girls’ safe spaces. Some of the key activities include: Improving access to rape services for GBV survivors; Providing comprehensive services including GBV case management, legal aid, psychological first aid/support accompanied with referral for appropriate services; medical support, facilitate access to legal services through referrals, provision of dignity kits and solar lanterns, access to psycho-social support through counseling to GBV survivors, facilitate referral to ensure access to appropriate services.

Project outcome:

Improve access to service delivery and dissemination of information on health, integrated referral pathways for GBV survivors to access CMR, PSS and other related GBV services as well as formation of proper community support group to strengthen the existing service

Objectives of the Exercise:

  • Identify the common of GBV cases against the referral processes within case management cycle and level of effectiveness and what needs to be improved in the three targeted locations;
  • Examine the strength and functionality of a referral network supporting GBV services;
  • Determine how well integrated the various services are by tracking the flow of the GBV survivors.
  • Provide recommendations on how to improve GBV services against through referral systems.


  • Field Visit (Laas Canood, Taleex and Dharkein Genyo)
  • Interview with Key Staff at the GBV one stop Centers, the police, the courts, government agencies, Civil Society Organization, Women Leaders and Women Organization and local leaders


  • Collect data from the field with the help of enumerators within 10 days and in the 5 days prepare a referral Mapping Report.
  • The final report should be delivered by 5th July 2020.

Financial Quote:

  • Indicate charges of one team leader and two enumerators who will undertake the exercise for 15 days (10 days field visit and 5 days for compiling the report)

Qualification and Experience Required:

  • Be a holder of university degree or equivalent, with a specific competency in humanitarian emergencies.
  • Previous experiences of GBV or Protection Referral Mapping Exercise or Consultancy service in Protection.
  • Be fluent in English, Presentation skills and high organizational skills.

Application Process:
Interested Firms/individuals should submit

  • Technical and financial proposals with detailed work plan
  • Firm/individual CVS

Evaluation Criteria

The proposals received shall be subject to the following evaluation criteria.



Firm/Individual consultant profile

·         Demonstrate at least over 5 years experience in protection ; Sexual and Gender Based Violence,  Child Protection, conflict related sexual violence , demonstrate knowledge on GBV environment and referral pathways;

·         Demonstrate wider knowledge on the local context on Gender based violence against women and children and protection in general.


·         Demonstrate understanding of the scope of work;

·         Clearly articulated methodology including highlights on data collection, approach and implementation plan;

Experience statement  and Team CV

·         Experience in similar assignments

·         Capacity of the proposed personnel

Financial Quote

The evaluation will be based on responsive technical proposal and principles of value for money.

Total scores100%

How to apply

Interested consultants can bring their documents at TASS offices in Bosaso, North of international Village Hotel and in Garowe, Opposite Save the Children. Deadline for submission is 16th June 2020.

Completed and sealed document indicating tender reference numbers on the sealed envelopes are to be submitted into tender box will placed in TASS offices in Bosaso, North of international Village Hotel and in Garowe, Opposite Save the Children.

Late bids shall be rejected. Bids containing other external markings that can identify the service provider or addressed to individuals will be automatically disqualified.

Please note that TASS is not bound to accept any or all bids and may decide at its sole discretion to reject any or all bids without offering any explanation.

For More Information, Kindly Contact:

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906 527238tass.logistics@gmail.com
Bosaso907 796147
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Garowe907 794774
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