All eligible and interested suppliers are advised to collect the complete tender package and further instructions from Tadamun Social Society (TASS) Offices  in Bosaso, North of international Village Hotel and in Garowe, Opposite Save the Children. from 8:30 AM – 3:30PM starting from 18thOct 2019 – 25th Oct 2019.

For full information about the two(2) Tenders, Click the follow links:

  1. TENDER FOR REHABILITATION OF 8 CLASSROOMS IN 4 SCHOOLS IN BARI AND SANAAG REGION  – https://sea.so/job/tender-for-rehabilitation-of-8-classrooms-in-4-schools-in-bari-and-sanaag-region-2/
  2. INVITATION TO BID TENDER FOR THE SUPPLY OF SCHOOL SANITATION MATERIAL – https://sea.so/job/invitation-to-bid-tender-for-the-supply-of-school-sanitation-material/