PROJECT: The TVET and Higher Education for Boosting Road Infrastructure Development and Growth of Energy Services (THE BRIDGES) project


CARE Somalia/Somaliland is implementing a skills development project with funding from the European Union to improve technical skills of the youth in roads and energy service sectors. The Overall objective of the project is to promote economic growth through infrastructure development, employment creation and sustainable natural resources management; and the Specific objective is to improve access to markets and social services, improve access to energy services and enhance sustainable use of natural resources through an increased availability of skilled human resources for Somalia/Somaliland’s road and energy sectors.

The TVET and Higher Education for Boosting Road Infrastructure Development and Growth of Energy Services (THE BRIDGES) project aims to support the Government of Somalia/Somaliland plans to enhance inclusive economic growth and reduce poverty. The project will assist in the development of high quality skills both for gainful employment and sustainable economic development. In order to meet labour demands in road infrastructure and energy sectors, the project aims to strengthening TVET and higher education (HE) to make them of high quality and responsive to the changing market situations in the selected priority sectors of the economy.

Given the increasingly dynamic employment market, the project supports the introduction of a private sector–led and a high quality competency–based skills development approach facilitated by innovative and integrated internationally bench–marked frameworks, to increase the relevance of the skills training offered and to ensure an optimal absorption of the (new) skilled workforce into the labour market.

This assignment will attribute to realizing Result 1 of the project: Increase equitable access to private sector-led and competence based skills development opportunities linked to the road infrastructure and energy sector services. In particular, the renewable energy graduates shall use a comprehensive hands-on practical guide for reference in case of employment opportunities and demonstrate skills mastery in Solar PV systems for their clients.


The overall scope of the assignment is to assist the TVET Institutes to develop a Practical User Guide for Renewable Energy graduates for field references upon completion of apprenticeship and or during employment. In all activities this assignment will realize the design and development of a Solar PV Practical User Guide/Manual that will entail Solar PV design, installation, operation and maintenance of solar PV systems. This action will support the adaptation of these practical manuals for TVET training Institutes offering renewable energy courses and also the employees of different Solar PV companies/businesses as well as renewable energy TVET graduates of the BRIDGES project.


Contributing to a more practical private sector/industry led renewable energy skills training and comprehend demand driven employable skills to relevant vulnerable youth with emphasis on efficient and effective training delivery and post training employment for sustainable livelihoods and decent work for all.


The main objective of this consultancy is to develop a Solar PV Practical User Guide/Manual for BRIDGES Project-TVET graduates. This includes reviewing the existing curriculums, assessment of best practices in Solar Installations, operations and maintenance, and coming up with a coherent practical guide hand book for references and ease of exploiting theoretical and practical skills learned during the training.

Specifically the lead Consultant shall:

a) Conduct extensive literature review and study all the existing solar curriculum in the TVET institutes including the trainers guide.

b) Review existing related documents e.g from UNESCO, ILO and other key TVET sector players in line with Solar PV practical trainings deemed relevant.

c) Layout the design of the Solar PV Manual

d) Work closely with the TVET Instructors to understand the in-depth of practical trainings provided during the course of the training at the TVET centers and also the private sector trainers offering practical trainings/ apprenticeships

e) Present finalized drafts for reviews and final Solar PV practical Guide/Manual for TVET Institutions as per contract.

f) Seek for any relevant information deemed necessary for the design and development of the manual from the project team

g) Work closely with the Technical Advisor-TVET of the BRIDGES project for technical guidance and support during the development of the manuals.


The deliverables / outputs of this assignment are:

i) An inception report.

ii) The action will deliver a harmonized simple and easy to understand Solar PV Practical User Guide/ Manual to be adopted and used by the instructors and the trainees for Level I-Level V(all in)

iii) Training of TVET instructors (ToT) on the developed Solar PV User Guide

iv) A narrative report detailing best practices and lessons learnt


The duration of the assignment will be presented in the technical proposal including travel days. This will then be moderated with the selected consultants.


CARE shall monitor and supervise the work and review progress of the work, provide regular technical support and feedback and provide support for engaging stakeholders and constituents as when required. Besides, CARE will provide necessary technical assistance for planning and implementation of the said training program. Travels and accommodation shall be the responsibility of CARE to and fro.

Payments of the consultants will be in USD dollars and will be paid in 2 installments of 30% after contract signature and 70% of the costs upon successful completion and on submission of report as per CARE rules and payment conditions that will be stipulated in the Service for Contract.


To qualify for this assignment, the consultant must have the following mandatory professional experience and knowledge:

  1. Advanced university degree in the area of Renewable Energy/ Electrical Engineering, or related field is a MUST for the lead Consultant
  2. Bsc in Electrical or Mechanical or Electro-Mechanical for additional technical personnel
  3. At least seven (7) years of experience in handling trainings/projects in Solar systems and or developing manuals for installation or directly involved in technical role in solar systems from design to maintenance
  4. Extensive experience in renewable energy practices, HSE knowledge and energy sector policies knowledge required.
  5. Understanding of the key issues involved in vocational education and training in the region.
  6. Evidence of having successfully completed at least two similar assignments i.e renewable energy/environment conservation technology linked to the practices in alternative energy usage and adaption.
  7. Outstanding communication and analytical skills, with excellent command of spoken and written English


The Consultant must have done similar assignment(s). Prove of the previous work done on the same should be provided. (Attach the Executive Summary of previous report)


Technical proposal that demonstrates clearly (Understanding of the TOR and the task to be accomplished, Draft work plan) and Financial Proposal with email subject “SOLAR PV MANUAL” shall be sent electronically to somconsultant@care.org on or before 6TH NOVEMBER, 2019 by 5pm Local Time.