FCA Somalia, Mogadishu office,

Wadajir district, airport road near Madina gate,


Email address: Procurement committee contact; procurement.soco@kua.fi


FCA works to enable people to break the circle of poverty and violence. We are a rights-based actor, a Finnish organisation with 70 years of experience, with operations in 15 countries. FCA is Finland’s largest NGO in development cooperation and second largest provider of disaster relief. Our action is guided by international human rights standards and principles. We realise our mission and vision through development cooperation, humanitarian assistance and advocacy work. We contribute to positive change by supporting people in the most vulnerable situations within fragile and disaster-affected areas. We consider three thematic areas as central to sustainable change: the right to peace (R2P), livelihood (R2L) and quality education (R2QE).

Somalia FCA has been working under a right to peace thematic areas since 2008 including governance and reconciliation projects and later has expanded in quality education (R2QE) thematic area.

FCA invites reputable companies for the below categories of tender for prequalification with the most competent and qualified that meet FCA Minimum policies, below is the selection criteria.

  1. Must be a registered firm in Somalia with a certificate of registration, incorporation/or memorandum and article of Association. Copy which must be attached.
  2. Must have relevant experience of 3 years in similar field, preferably with similar organizations (NGO). Please attach previous stamped LPOs and contracts as evidence.
  3. Bank account with a proof of statement for the last year
  4. Technical capacity to execute the sought category.
  5. Updated company profile with organogram, List of CVs of the key staff etc.
  6. Must agree and sign the FCA code of conduct and child safe guarding policy and money laundering policy
  7. Vendors are encouraged to submit catalogues if available.
SNOCategory ReferenceCategory DescriptionTarget location
1FCA SOCO MOG001Construction and rehabilitation serviceSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
2FCA SOCO MOG002solar energy and installation servicesSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
3FCA SOCO MOG003ICT equipment/ accessories,Somalia Country office(Mogadishu)
4FCA SOCO MOG004Office furniture and accommodation supplies equipmentSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
5FCA SOCO MOG005Printing Services that include manuals, booklets, calendars etcSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
6FCA SOCO MOG006Relief commodities (Non Food Items blankets, plastic sheeting, Hygiene Kits, etc.)Somalia Country office(Mogadishu)
7FCA SOCO MOG007Security equipment (Metal scanners, security cameras, walk through detector machines, blast films etc.)Somalia Country office(Mogadishu)
8FCA SOCO MOG008/09Books publications/ printing centresSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
9Tailoring ServicesSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
10FCA SOCO MOG010Supply of Agricultural seeds and hand toolsSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
11FCA SOCO MOG011Transportation services, truck rental servicesSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
12FCA SOCO MOG012Travel and ticketing servicesSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
13FCA SOCO MOG013Security servicesSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
14FCA SOCO MOG014Petroleum products (fuel, oil, gas and lubricants)Somalia Country office(Mogadishu)
15FCA SOCO MOG015Detergents, cleaning materials and toiletriesSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
16FCA SOCO MOG016Cleaning services ( Garbage cleaning/ collection)Somalia Country office(Mogadishu)
17FCA SOCO MOG017Advertising servicesSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
18FCA SOCO MOG018School Furniture supplies ( Desks, foams and chairs)Somalia Country office(Mogadishu)
19FCA SOCO MOG019Furniture shops ( Carwo)Somalia Country office(Mogadishu)
20FCA SOCO MOG020Electrical fittings, bulbs and lighting materialsSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
21FCA SOCO MOG021Art And design- T-Shirt Printing, Banners, stampsSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
22FCA SOCO MOG022Hygiene Kits- Aquatabs, Laundry Soap, Dignity kitsSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
23Somalia Country office(Mogadishu)
24FCA SOCO MOG024Guest house / kitchen utensils- Knives, folks, spoons, plates  etcSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
25FCA SOCO MOG025Media AgencySomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
26FCA SOCO MOG026Packaging servicesSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
27FCA SOCO MOG027Office waterSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
28Somalia Country office(Mogadishu)
29FCA SOCO MOG029Light Medical equipment and essential drugsSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
30FCA SOCO MOG030Child friendly tools and equipmentSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
31FCA SOCO MOG031Water and electricity companiesSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
32FCA SOCO MOG032Internet service providers- Installations, connections and data rechargesSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
33FCA SOCO MOG033Temporary vehicle hireSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
34FCA SOCO MOG034Audit servicesSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
35FCA SOCO MOG035Consultancy firmsSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)
36FCA SOCO MOG036Hotels for accommodation and Hall for trainingSomalia Country office(Mogadishu)

How to apply:

All prequalification document must be in English language only, must be delivered electronically through procurement email: procurement.soco@kua.fi20th July, 2020.Late submission will be rejected without exception. Applicants with questions regarding this prequalification should send their questions by email procurement.soco@kua.fi latestby 15th July, 2020, 4:00pm EAT.

Deadline 20th July, 2020 4:00 EAT

Note: This is an application for prequalification and not for supply of goods and services. Only registered suppliers will be requested to provide competitive quotations for supply of goods and services as and when needed.

FCA reserves the right to accept or reject any applications, and not bound to give reasons for its decision. Canvassing or giving false information will lead to automatic disqualification.

FCA practices zero tolerance against concerning aid diversion and illegal actions and may screen [contractor/external party name] (í.e. applicants, contracts, suppliers, consultants, etc.) against international lists to ensure due diligence and compliance with Anti-money laundering and Combating the Financing of terrorism requirements). FCA’s Child Safeguarding Policy applies to all FCA staff.

Annex 6 b Supplier registration form