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Title:Monitoring & Evaluation SpecialistLocation:Baidoa, (with regional travel within Somalia)Duration:1 year (Renewable)


Growth, Enterprise, Employment & Livelihoods (GEEL) is USAID-funded project designed to promote and facilitate inclusive economic growth in Somalia.  The project is currently focusing on the agricultural sector (livestock, fisheries & horticulture) with particular and increased focus on integration of youth and women in the value chains with emphasis on expanding and incentiving youth led enterprises through skills development and enterprise and workforce development.It will also seek to strengthen the business enabling environment through improving access to finance, policy and regulation, and business development services. Particular focus will be given to increase the participation of women and youth in the economy as entrepreneurs, employers, and employees.


The M&E Specialist is responsible to perform monitoring and evaluation activities under the GEEL project in South West. He must ensure that all activities are in line with RTI’s organizational learning approaches as well as the USAID Monitoring and Evaluation Policy, ADS sections addressing monitoring and evaluation, and ME&L best practices.

Specifically, the role of the M&E Specialist will be centralized around implementing the M&E plan of the GEEL resilience project as well as performing general day-to-day verification of raw data gathered from project activities.

The M&E Specialist will support GEEL activities in the South West region where GEEL is undertaking a new resilience project that aims to contribute to the wellbeing of Food Security, Nutrition and Increased income among the target beneficiaries. In partnership with existing donor funded programs such as SOMREP, BRiCSthe project will cooperate, collaborate and coordinate in order to achieve a common outcome of improving resilience.

Monitoring & EvaluationSpecialist General Responsibilities:

The M&E Specialist’s duties include (but are not limited to):

  1. Track all GEEL activities implemented by all the technical teams through direct contacts and through the Weekly Reports;
  2. Review Weekly Reports and log activities on the Quarterly Collation Sheet, following up with the appropriate teams to collect relevant data based on the timeline provided in the data management protocols;
  3. Collect completed data collection forms from technical team members or GEEL M&E Specialist responsible for field operations to ensure that the data is logged and verified on time as per the data management protocols
  4. Verify data collection forms for correctness and completeness
  5. Log the title of event or activity of data collection form on Quarterly Collation Sheet.
  6. Verify completed data collection forms by
  7. Checking information on completed form for completeness or correctness
  8. Verify if GEEL staff participated in the event or monitored the event
  9. Confirm with GEEL staff if information on the form was verified
  10. Take note of confirmation notes at the back of the data collection form
  11. If GEEL staff did not participate in the event, call the organizer and randomly call some participants to confirm whether the event was held or if they participated
  12. Take note of the number of people called and the information gathered at the back of the completed form.
  13. If more than half of the participants recorded on the form confirm that they did not participate in the training, inform the ME&L Specialist immediately.
  14. Sign the completed form and submit it to the M&E Officer for entry into the database.
  15. As per the M&E protocols follow up with M&E Officer to confirm it there were duplicates and whether the data from the form has been collated.
  16. Directly engage with GEEL implementing partners and supported firms to verify data and gather supporting documents as required.
  17. Conduct field verification as required and when necessary to verify reported data.
  18. Based on Quarterly Collation Sheets, draft Quantitative Highlights for Quarterly and Annual Reports
  19. Provide support in the quarterly and annual report writing processes
  20. Provide information and data to the GEEL Communication Specialists to produce success stories, lessons learned and contribute to the GEEL Collaborative, Learning and Adaptive (CLA) agenda.
  21. During field visits, support USAID’s third-party monitoring contractor to validate field activities;
  22. Any other similar tasks as requested by the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist.


The M&E Specialist will technically report to M&E manager and with direct supervision by the Resilience coordinator in South West state.

Qualifications/ Experience:


  • At least a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, statistics, international development, or a related field (or, alternately, equivalent academic accomplishment in a relevant field and 2-5 additional years of relevant experience);


  • At least 3-5 years’ technical experience in performing monitoring and evaluation activities;
  • Previous experience monitoring USAID project activities including Grants or Grants under Contract (GUC) activities;
  • Experience or familiarity with accepted best practices in remote monitoring and verification of project activities occurring in non-permissive environments;
  • Experience in conducting and writing field monitoring reports
  • Previous work experience in the horn of Africa preferred;


  • Demonstrated understanding of monitoring and evaluation concepts and applications
  • Experience or familiarity with data quality control measures
  • Excellent oral and written English language communication skills.
  • Oral and written Somali language communication skills (preferred)
  • Experience working in/on fragile or post-conflict states (preferred)
  • Experience working with local organizations and community groups.

How to apply:

Interested applicants who meet the above requirements can submit updated CV and cover letter to Jobs@sogeel.org  with subject line:  Application for Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist.

Deadline:by8th December 2019