II. Organization Context
The Puntland Ministry of Interior federal Affairs and Democratization (MOIFAD) is responsible for the local government’s portfolio, including district council formation, establishing systems for local governance structures and strengthening their capacity with a view to promoting democratic and accountable local governments that provide better basic services for stability and enhanced peace. In this regard, MOIFAD supports service delivery at local level through political, fiscal and administrative decentralization.  Local Governments (encompassing local administrations and district councils) are the third and lowest tier of elected/representative government and are crucial to building confidence in government structures because of their proximity to citizens – and likelihood of it being the first encounter for people with government. District Councils provide basic services to the public in coordination with the regions and national MOIFAD.

The Puntland government is undertaking major reforms to enhance local governance and service provision for the benefit of the population. These include the Expansion Strategy, an initiative by the Puntland government in partnership with the United Nations Joint Programme on Local Government and Service Delivery (UN JPLG), whose aim is to extend government support to all districts in Puntland.

Since 2012 the Puntland government and the UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery in Puntland (JPLG) which is a five-year joint programme comprising ILO, UNCDF, UNDP, UN-HABITAT and UNICEF with the overall goal of “creating an enabling environment for improved service delivery and greater stability, through improved legal, policy and system frameworks – building the knowledge of those working in and with local governments” have been helping Puntland government to pilot service delivery in 9 districts – i.e. Bosaso, Gardo, Beyla, Garowe, Eyl, Galkacyo, Burtinle, Jariiban, and Goldogob – through the devolution of some functions to enhance service delivery. Progress made, and lessons learned in the process have made it possible for the government to extend the intervention to the remaining districts to close the capacity gap between both sets of districts.

In relation to this, the government of Puntland established Local Government Institute (LGI). The purpose of the LGI is to train local government technical staff and elected leaders so that they can enhance local governance and service delivery through improved performance of their roles and functions. Therefore, MOIFAD intends to hire LGI Expert/ Capacity Development Consultant for Puntland Local Government Institute to assist the LGI for curriculum designing and training delivery and report to the Director of LGI, and the ministry of interior.

Under the direct supervision of the LGI Director, the consultant is expected to work with the Local Government Institute and support the enhancement the capacity to function of the LGI including the curriculum designing, training delivery as well as the implementation of the Government-led Expansion Strategy for the new districts.

III. Objectives of the assignment
The LGI Expert/ Consultant will provide wide ranging support to the Local Government Institute with a comprehensive approach to assist it to be a credible institute that provides quality in-service training for local government personnel and leaders in order to enhance local governance and service provision through:

1.       Delivering quality in-service and leadership training that meets local governance and service delivery needs;

2.       Developing effective local and international partnerships for local government training and capacity development;

3.       Enhancing the understanding and appreciation of Puntland’s local governance and service delivery issues;

4.       Developing and maintaining effective Local Government Institute governance and management systems and facilities;

5.       Supporting the Government-led Expansion Strategy for the new districts.

IV. Scope of work
Summary of Key Functions:

Under the supervision of the Deputy Director of LGI, the local government expert/consultant of the Institute will be responsible for the following:

  •  Enhance the capacity to functions of the Local Government Institute;
  • Support the LGI management in designing and facilitation of delivering quality in-service and leadership training that meets local governance and service delivery needs;
  • Ensure timely reporting on achievements against agreed work plans and raise challenges and opportunities to relevant authorities for follow up;
  • Knowledge building and knowledge sharing in all areas of finance, administration, human resources development planning and implementation.

Specific Tasks:

1.       Develop Puntland Local Government Institute

2.       Enhance the capacity to functions of the Local Government Institute:

  • Facilitate development of Puntland LGI policy reflecting on the Puntland local government context
  • Support LGI developed capacity building plans to support the government led-expansion strategy in pursuant with LGI Strategic Plan for 2020 – 2022
  • Support the development of terms of reference, roles responsibilities, standard operating procedures for the Local Government Institute;
  • Assist in identifying the developmental needs of LGI and supporting designing and implementation, supervision and backstopping of customized trainings for them;
  • Support the establishment of a coordinated training programme for local governments in which Service packages (Tools, Training Manuals and modules) are sequenced reinforcing and complementing each other;
  • Initiate and propose extra subjects based on identified training needs besides MOIFAD developed manuals and training materials that may improve the knowledge level of districts
  • Develop a resource center to preserve various training resources that are essential for the works of the districts including training manuals, reference materials, articles, publications etc.;
  • Ensure proper quality control is provided to all training and capacity building undertakings under LGI through regular monitoring and evaluation, in process and after-action reviews and by obtaining feedbacks from beneficiary districts;
  • Help MOIFAD in identifying and developing an elaborate Financial Sustainability Plan for the proposed Local Government Institute to access diversified and sustainable resource base to contribute to its activities;
  • Support LGI in collaboration with MOIFAD and ALGAPL to develop and implement a publicity plan (lobbying and awareness creation on the importance of having and sustaining a LGI);
  • Assist LGI to develop monitoring and evaluation tools for capacity development initiatives.
  • Provide inputs to the capacity building project progress, interim and final reports;
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned by Deputy Director of LGI;

3.  Support the design and facilitation of administration and finance training activities of the LGI

  • Provide technical inputs to the design of training curriculum of LGI;
  • Ensure needs assessments and capacity reviews precede the formulation of training plans and allocation of related project resources;
  • Keep and regularly update a roster of potential trainers and service providers relevant to building capacities of the local governments;
  • Advice LGI on building synergies and complementarity between multiple training initiatives designed for districts by different development partners including UN JPLG agencies;
  • Support LGI in harmonizing various trainings in consistent with district needs and priorities;
  • Exploring potential trainings relevant to the development of districts;
  • Advise LGI with selection of external training experts; in coordination with relevant partners agencies and MOIFAD;
  • In coordination with LGI Director, develop and maintain a training database; contribute, as necessary, to the design and maintenance of databases and other information systems related to LG trainings and other capacity building initiatives of the LGI;

4. Ensure timely reporting on achievements against agreed work plans and raise challenges and opportunities to relevant authorities for follow up.

  • Develop quarterly and annual work plans including performance indicators;
  • submit quarterly monitoring reports highlighting progress against agreed work plan results, challenges, opportunities and issues to be addressed by LGI MOIFAD and JPLG;
  • Provide other reports and information as and when required by LGI, MOIFAD and JPLG;
  • Provide inputs to MOIFAD Department of Districts and Regions and districts to ensure timely reporting on LOAs and other agreements with JPLG and other development partners.

5.  Knowledge building and knowledge sharing in all areas of finance, administration, human resources development planning and implementation.

  • Share information and knowledge on all issues of relevance to local governments, and within the areas of finance, administration, human resources and office management.
  • Assist in identification of capacity development needs of the LGI staff.
  • Communicate regularly with LGI MOIFAD, districts and JPLG to coordinate activities and share lessons learned and experiences ,
  • To speed up decentralization /devolving services to districts the consultant should collaborate with sector ministries to pick up /search all necessary knowledge and learning facilities to include them to the LGI curriculum to ease districts to render such services with knowledge.
  • Promote a solution and action-oriented approach; share lessons and information; and enhance and promote improvement of all tasks.
  • Conduct periodic training need assessment to discover the weakened areas that districts may need quick training so this to simplify the consultant with collaboration LGI director to prepare effective training plan.
V. Monitoring and Reporting
The consultants will provide monthly and quarter progress reports to the LGI Director, MOIFAD and JPLG summarizing work done not later than 10 days after the end of the quarter. The reports are to be endorsed by the JPLG and approved by the LGI Director.
VI: Qualifications and Experience
Education:Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Public Finance, Development Administration, Political Science, Economics, applied Statistics, Decentralization and Local Governance, and other related Fields.

Additional qualifications in training methodologies and adult learning are an added advantage.

  • At least five years’ experience of relevant professional experience such as work with/or supporting local government and central authority in Puntland to project coordination at the district level; specifically engaging, key actors at ministerial and local level in planning and advising on governance related issues, as well as the establishment of regional district local administrations.
  • Experience in representing government in multi-stakeholder forums
  • Self-motivated and self-driven and ability to work with a minimum of guidance.
  • Ability to push processes forward, to be persuasive and at the same time collaborative, supportive and diplomatic.
  • Ability to be calm and well humored while under pressure
Language Requirements:
  • Fluency in written and spoken Somali and English required.
VII: Other information
Women are strongly encouraged to apply.
VIII. Application submission
Please send your curriculum vitae, cover letter and copy of credentials marked “Local Government Institute Expert/Consultant” by 9 April   up to 23 April 2020  barqash04@gmail.commoidgoffice2014@gmail.comand copy abdurazak.hassan@undp.org MOIFAD will only be able to respond to those applications in which there is further interest.