Project Code: SOM-19/3485/SA1/Ed-Prot/NGO/12511

Donor: SHF


TENDER REFERENCE– START: 18th Oct 2019 DEADLINE: 25th Oct 2019:

Tadamun Social Society (TASS) is a national Relief and Development agency with cross-sectorial programs bridging relief and development assistance and program services to vulnerable communities.

TASS is currently implementing a project titled Provision of Integrated package of Emergency Education and Child Protection through quality Education and Strengthening of access to protection services for Drought affected children in Bari and Sanaag Regions.The project is funded by SHF and one of the main activity is to supply sixteen schools withSchool Sanitation Material

Successful bidders will be expected to adhere to the approved standards, under supervision of TASS’s logistics office

Document Requirements:

  • The bids without the following documents will not be accepted and it will be totally disqualified.
  • Certified and valid Copy of registration certificate (license) within respective Authorities
  •  Certified Tax compliance by the relevant authorities (tax payment receipts).

Other Important Requirements

Proof of past experience of similar magnitude of task undertaken in the last five years.

Expected time of completion (Work plan)

Validity of the tender offer (three months minimum)

Please note the following:

  • Your business/store will be physically visited for verification
  • Supplier will be responsible for packaging and delivering to Office.
  • Successful bidder in the tender will pay tax dues to the local authorities.

Interested bidders are invited to collect a complete set of Supplier Registration Forms/ documents in visiting the TASS offices in Bosaso, North of international Village Hotel and in Garowe, Opposite Save the Children, from 18th Oct 2019 DEADLINE: 25th Oct 2019, between 08.30am to 03.30pm.

Completed and sealed bids indicating tender reference numbers on the sealed envelopes are to be submitted into tender box will placed in TASS offices in Bosaso, North of international Village Hotel and in Garowe, Opposite Save the Children.

Late bids shall be rejected. Bids containing other external markings that can identify the vendor or addressed to individuals will be automatically disqualified.

Please note that TASS is not bound to accept any or all bids and may decide at its sole discretion to reject any or all bids without offering any explanation.

For More Information, Kindly Contact:

LocationTel NumberEmail address
Bosaso907 796147tass.logistics@gmail.com
907 728792tasspc@gmail.com
906 527238adahir@tadamun.so
Garowe907 794774tassgr@outlook.com

 Download the Tender Notice here: INVITATION TO BID TENDER FOR THE SUPPLY OF SCHOOL sanitation Material