For over 90 years, Save the Children (SC) has been making a difference in children’s lives in more than 120 countries. We are the world’s largest independent child rights organization, underpinned by a vision in a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Our mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

Working with civil society derives from the mandate of the SC’s Theory of Change to develop strong and independent CSOs to promote and advocate for the rights of children and hold the government to account. Children, youth and women in Somalia experience different types of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. As a result, the protection and psychosocial well-being of these marginalized groups is affected. SCworks closely with media locally, nationally and internationally.  Media can convey the quality and impact of our work, act as an accountability mechanism, and shift public and political opinion on the issues affecting children including during times of humanitarian emergencies. Social media is also becoming increasingly important and to challenge us to further improve dialogue with civil society in our programs and strategies.

In Somalia, SC is campaigning/advocating for the fulfillment of child rights and protection of children from all forms of violations, abuse, neglect and exploitation. In particular, we are campaigning/advocating for:

  • Prevention of child rights violations through adoption and enforcement of key policies and legal frameworks
  • Communities protect children from harmful traditional practices and other grave violations
  • We are continuously raising public awareness on existing and emerging issues affecting children in Somalia/Somaliland by working with CSOs and national media.

In summary, SC will work with CSOs, media, relevant government ministries, youth associations and the private Sector to promote, protect and fulfil children’s rights in reducing physical, institutional and social violence against children, youth and women.


The purpose of this consultancy is to assess and identify strategic media and CSOs partners for SC Somalia to engage and partner with in the next three years. Save the Children will provide list of mapped media/advocacy partners and the consultant is expected to assess this list and support SC to identify strategic partners those can help/contribute towards fulfilment of SC Country Strategic Plan for Somalia from 2019 to 2021.


Specifically, the consultancy aims to analyse the organizational capacities by using three dimensions; to be, to do and to relate:

  1. Assess and analyse the capacity of the organizational base or internal functions of the CSOs/ Association (to be) :

Key activities may include:

  • How the CSO expresses its basic values and has articulated the reasons for its existence (vision, mission, values).
  • Organisational Structure and systems: whether or not the organisation’s management and its division of duties and responsibilities are explicit and visible.
  • Effectiveness of its leadership and staff competence according to roles
  • Communication, feedback and teamwork within the organization.
  • Capacity to advance and promote/advocate for child rights
  • Integration of children’s rights into the organizational system and values
  • In the case of associations, assess the inclusiveness and representation of its member organizations.
  • Organizational policies, systems and structures
  1. Assess the organisation’s program performance/outputs with /for children (to do):

Key activities may include:

  • Power to advocate, campaign and lobby for child rights
  • Power to influence government to enact friendly policies/legal frameworks for children, youth and women.
  • Ability to be the voice for children in Somalia
  • Ability to speak for children’s issues at local, national, regional and international levels
  • Ability to identify and effectively respond to abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect of children, youth and women.
  • Ability to openly discuss and demonstrate issues affecting children, youth and women.
  • Ability and understanding for Social and Behavioural change strategies for issues affecting children.
  • Ability to undertake online and offline public campaigns/Mobilizations.
  1. Assess and analyse the organization’s capacity to create and maintain positive external relations (external linkages):

Key activities may include:

  • Acceptance and credibility of the organisation at local and national levels
  • Relations with other actors in civil society – e.g. Media, Community leaders, CBOs and NGOs, donors etc.
  • Relations and acceptance with the government – both national and local,
  1. To develop overall capacity strengthening plan for the selected strategic media/advocacy partners

Key activities may include:

  • Undertake organizational assessment through meetings and discussions with the key and relevant leaders and management staff of the selected associations
  • Identify and develop appropriate organizational capacity building strategy and plan
  • Designing of a comprehensive training plan and modules


The consultancy firm/consultant shall ensure the completion of the following activities in accordance with the terms and conditions of the consultancy contract:

The consultancy will cover an assessment of the pre-determined list of media/advocy partners and hence develop overall capacity stregthening plan for those seletcted.

Locations: Garowe, , Mogadishu, and Hargeisa


The consultant is generally expected to utilise a participatory approach in the assessment and capacity strengthening of selected organisations.

Revised procedure will be as follows;


  • An inception report with clear tools, methodologies proposed.
  • The consultant to share the first draft report with SC for review.
  • The consultant will present the findings of the first draft of the report in a validation workshop for SC and the partners. Incorporate comments from the validation workshop and share a final comperehensive report of the orgnaizational assessment with recomendations and plans fro capity developt with SC. The report should be concise and not more than 20 pages. The consultant is expected to submit the final report in the agreed format to SC electronically.
  • Overall capacity stregthneing plan for selected media/advocacy partners.


Under no cirmstance should partners or target CSOs feel that this exercise has any implication on their work with SC. This assignment has no implications on the partner’s current or future engament with save the Children.

The consultant is expect to conduct him/herslef in a mannher that is impartial with interest to improve services targetted to benefit children in Somalia and to uphold all ethical considerations throughout this exercise including adhering to SC policies and procedures especially the child safeguarding policy [See Annex]


The capacity assessment and delivery of capacity stregthening support  is expected to be completed within 20 days  starting from the date both SC and the selected consultancy firm/compnay singed the agreement fully.

The orgnaizational capacity assessment, reports of the assessment including capacity stregthening plans must be completed within 20 wokring days. The capacity stregthneing plans with clear competencies shall be discussed and agreed with the partner within this period. However,  the instrested consultancy firm/company is expected to share a detailed action plan for the duration of the consultancy along with the application document.


  • An in-depth technical response to the TOR by the consultant demonstrating an understanding of how the assessment will be undertaken.
  • At least 10 previous work experience in child rights work/child protection
  • Proven consultancy experience within the field of organizational capacity assessments

and development for Civil Society Organizations of at least 5 years.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the media environment particularly in East Africa is mandatory.
  • Knowledge and understanding of children’s rights including on Child Rights Governance and Child protection is a requirement.
  • Knowledge of SC and its internal processes will be beneficial but is not essential
  • Extensive hands-on experience in organisational capacity assessment and development, capacity building strategic plan development, proposal development and fundraising, mentoring and coaching.
  • Experience of working in a resource poor environment.
  • Experience of working in Somalia context an asset
  • Proficiency in Somali is an added advantage


  • Maters Degree in social sciences, media and/or journalism, Law, Sociology, Social Work,

Psychology, Project Management or related fields.

  • Demonstrable knowledge and skills in:
    • Assessing individual and organizational needs
    • Designing training plans and modules based on individual and organizational needs
    • Organizing and facilitating the conduct of capacity building activities
    • Mentoring and coaching colleagues at work
    • Reviewing, updating and developing strategic plans, fundraising strategies, monitoring and evaluation policies, systems and tools, advocacy strategies, and action plans
    • Developing concept notes and project proposals
    • Networking and partnership building
  • Ability to transfer skills and knowledge through formal or informal training and skills sharing.
  • Developed analytical skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to communicate and work with a wide range of stakeholders in a participatory, respectful, collaborative manner, and to enhance effective work relationships.
  • Commitment to team-building and consensus-led approach to work.


  • 30% payment upon the signing of the contract and 70% upon the satisfactory completion of the assignment.
  • Payment will be in accordance with a detailed approved budget breakdown as submitted through the proposal, and invoices will be expected from the consultant prior to payment.


Candidates interested in the position will be expected to provide the following documentation:

  • Detailed technical response to the TOR, with a specific focus on addressing the scope of work, methodology to be used.
  • Initial work plan based on methodology outlined, and availability of applicant
  • Company profile and CV of the staff the consultancy firm selected to engage in this consultancy including a minimum of 3 references
  • Detailed budget breakdown based on expected daily rates and initial work plan

Interested applicants should submit their expression of interest, demonstrating how they would proceed with the research along with a detailed proposal addressing the TOR and a budget. Applications should be forwarded to Supply chain and Procurement, Puntland.supplychain@savethechildren.org , while making the application email subject line as  “assessing Strategic Media/Advocacy Partners in Garowe, Mogadishu and Hargeisa”. and the deadline is 10th December, 2019.