Position Title: Infrastructure Expert

Programme: Road Infrastructure Programme Somalia

Reporting to: The Director General of Puntland Ministry of Public Works, and Programme Coordinator

Duration: 20 months depending on satisfactory or better performance

Duty Station: Puntland Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Transport

Starting date: 6 Oct 2019

Closing date: 20 Oct 2019

  1. Background

The Puntland Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Transport (MoPWH&T) is implementing the Road Infrastructure Programme Somalia, funded by the AfDB through the FGS MPWRH. The developmental objective of the programme is to support Somalia’s economic growth by providing enhanced transport facilities that are reliable and cost effective and to improve connectivity, accessibility and transportation of goods, persons and service thereby supporting economic and social development as well as stability of the country as a whole. Further, the programme aims to improve the management of the road sector at the national and regional levels by reinforcing the capacities of federal and regional institutions that manage road infrastructure.

To carry out the programme, the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Transport is seeking to employ an Infrastructure Expert, who will supervise and guide the overall implementation of the Road Infrastructure Programme in Puntland State. He/she will support the implementing agency/company in fulfilling its obligations under the relevant grant agreements and ensure effectiveness and quality construction of the Galkayo-Faratoyo Rehabilitation and Resurfacing Road Project.


The Infrastructure Expert will directly report to the Director General of the Puntland MoPWHT and the Road Infrastructure Programme Somalia Coordinator

  1. Duties and Responsibilities,
  • Ensure supervision, monitoring and management of all engineering activities included in the Galkayo-Faratoyo Road Rehabilitation Project;
  • Assist and work together with the other Project Officers on the Projects;
  • Liaise with the Procurement Expert, the Programme Coordinator and with all the relevant ministries / municipalities and their focal points / designers / agencies / project beneficiaries regarding improving the quality of the rehabilitation works
  • Provide technical input to and assist the Implementing Agency/Company in complying to the technical Specifications of the Galkayo-Faratoyo Road Rehabilitation and Re-surfacing Road Project
  • Review and evaluate contractors’/consultants’ technical documentation, drawings, designs, working schedule, health and safety;
  • Ensure implementation of the construction/rehabilitation activities against the timeline/critical paths, quality, quantities, safety, project monitoring indicators;
  • Conduct regular on-site visits for design and construction verification and validation; this should lead to high quality execution, identification of areas for improvement and both conception and implementation of a corrective action plan;
  • Issue Monthly Progress Reports to the Programme Coordinator and Director General of Puntland Ministry of Public Works and brief them minimum of once a week on progress and challenges while providing sound solutions to overcome implementation difficulties;
  • Assist the Programme Coordinator in preparing the PIU Reports (Quarterly, midterm and completion).
  • Assist The Implementing Agency/Company in the implementation of the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), the Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) and the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP);
  • Assist the Implementing Agency/Company with implementing road safety education, environmental protection and awareness programs in communities along the project alignment.
  1. Knowledge and Experience:
  • An advanced degree in civil engineering with a focus on road infrastructure, particularly highways;
  • Minimum of 15 years work experience in the road sector, covering design, supervision, project planning, implementation, procurement, settlement of contractual disputes.
  • Minimum experience of 8 years as a Project manager / team leader on road infrastructure projects or programmes,

The Puntland Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Transport (MoPWH&T) is inviting applications from qualified/Motivated candidates who are interested to submit their CVs, certificates, experience credentials, and cover letters explaining, how they meet Job description. Each application should be addressed to the HR account: hr.mpwrhp5050@gmail.com not later than 20 Oct 2019

NB. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted