About the organization:

Farsight Africa Group is a leading full-service Pan-African communications company that delivers impactful solutions to companies, governments, development organizations’ and individuals across East-Africa. Farsight Africa Group has established a reputation in the marketplace for working in complex and challenging environments that demand a comprehensive understanding of local cultures, indigenous communication practices and relationships with stakeholders, at both the grassroots and national level.

About the roles

Farsight Africa Group is looking to expand its pool of local and international trainers across the full range of humanitarian and development fields with focus on the areas below;**

· Human Resources Trainers

· Leadership and Management Trainers

· Procurement Trainers

· Monitoring and Evaluation Trainers

· Financial Management Trainers

· Construction quality control training

Qualifications and Experience

The Consultants should have the following minimum qualifications:

· Bachelors or Master’s degree in either of the fields indicated

· He/she should demonstrate at least 5-9 years working experience in training govts, NGOs and parastatals in the above areas

· Evidence of conducting trainings in Horn of Africa with focus in Somalia will be an added advantage.

· Demonstrated professional leadership and the ability to coordinate a team of professionals.

· Excellent written and oral communications skills in English/Somali, to deliver reports and documents;

· Excellent analytical and reporting skills

· Excellent communication skills and ability to communicate with various stakeholders and to express concisely and clearly ideas and concepts

· Have excellent participatory and interactive skills

· Fluent in English and Somali.

How to Apply


Interested candidates should send an email including attached CV, an overview of their topics/ fields of expertise and the range of their daily rate to jobs@farsightafrica.com with ‘Specialized Field’ as the subject of the email.

Potential consultants in our Talent pool will be contacted on a need basis.