Job Description

JOB TITLE: FSL Project Assistant*4   

TEAM/PROGRAMME: Food Security and Livelihood ProgrammeGRADE:  5
LOCATION: Burao – but with Frequent Travel to Project Sites,TYPE OF CONTRACT: National 12
months with possible extension

CHILD SAFEGUARDING: Level 3–the responsibilities of the post may require the post holder to have regularcontact with or access to children or young people


The primary purpose of the Project Assistant is to directly work with communities to implement humanitarian FSL interventions of Al-Thani Project interventions.


Reports to: FSL Project Officer

Country Dimensions: Save the Children works in various sites within Somaliland, Puntland and Central SouthSomalia with a current staff complement of approximately 350 staff and current budget of approximately USD 35 million.

Staff directly reporting to this post: None


Internal: Project Officer/ SCI Staff

External: Communities and Project Beneficiaries


  • Resilience and FSL Project Assistant will be the key frontline staff of Save the Children in the field with direct interaction with the communities.
  • Conduct Al-Thani program awareness community meetings at the beginning of the project in the targeted communities in Eastern Regions.
  • In collaboration with the project Officer, conduct project awareness activities with local authorities.
  • Organize community public meetings and facilitate Village Relief Committee (VRC) selections or other beneficiary selection committees.
  • In collaboration with the project Officer, assist beneficiary selection committee members to develop selection criteria and identify project beneficiaries in the targeted communities.
  • Ensure that the targeting principles of the specific components of the project are complied
  • Conduct beneficiaries’ verification in the project targeted communities.
  • Assist in the production and distribution of beneficiary identification cards.
  • Ensure timely implementation of planned interventions, as per the work plan, budgetary standards and procedures set out in the project
  • Monitor the day to day project activities in the field, as specified in the project plan
  • Provide the necessary information on location, date and procedures of cash payment to targeted beneficiaries.
  • Conduct regular weekly meetings to capacity build, mentor, assist and supervise beneficiaries on case management basis, ensuring constant communication with all the beneficiaries of cash transfers
  • Assist the FSL officer with assessments and reports.
  • Develop trust, tolerance and co-operation among beneficiary community members and local leaders.
  • Encourage and stimulate full participation by all community members; with special attention to those who are often forgotten, including women and children, in community decision making.
  • Assist the community members in developing their own capacity and strength.
  • Provide bi-Weekly Progress Update Report as requested by the FSL Officer
  • Any other duties as directed by the FSL Project Officer.



Delivering Results

Takes personal responsibility and holds others to account to deliver our ambitious goals for children, continually improving own performance or that of the team.

Skilled level

  • Delivers timely and appropriate results using available resources
  • Takes responsibility for their work and its impact on others
  • Plans, prioritises and performs tasks well without needing direct supervision
  • Understands the link between their work and the organisation’s objectives and Adapting
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Applying Technical and Professional Expertise


Problem Solving And Decision Making

Takes effective, considered and timely decisions by gathering and evaluating relevant information from within or outside the organisation and making appropriate judgements.

Skilled level

  • Gathers the right information and uses critical thinking to make effective and timely decisions
  • Stays with a problem or challenge until a solution is reached or no longer reasonably attainable.
  • Knows when to involve others in a decision
  • Demonstrates awareness of the wider external influences that impact on decision making
  • Simplifies processes and procedures wherever possible


Working Effectively with Others

Works collaboratively to achieve shared goals and thrives on diversity of people and perspectives. Knows when to lead and when to follow and how to ensure effective cross-boundary working.

Skilled level

  • Actively listens to new and different perspectives and experiences of those they work with
  • Proactively supports team members and trusts their capabilities
  • Demonstrates understanding of their skills and how they complement those of others within diverse teams and groups
  • Clarifies their role and responsibilities within the team to maximise impact


Builds and uses sustainable relationships and networks to support the work of Save the Children.

Skilled level

  • Actively participates in networks to access and contributes to good practice
  • Gathers and distributes organizational intelligence
  • Maintains and develops a range of contacts and keeps them informed
  • Knows what is needed from contacts


  • Degree in social science, veterinary agriculture, or related field with f relevant field experiences with NGOs.
  • Experience of working with communities at grass-root level
  • Proficiency in English with good quality report writing as well as the national language
  • Computer skills, with focus on word processing and excel
  • Experience in working in harsh environment is an added advantage
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relations in diverse teams

Application procedures:

Interested candidates are required to apply through the below link:


Application will close 10-December 2019

Save the Children is an equal opportunity employer. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.