FGi Solutions is looking to recruit enthusiastic, talented and driven Professional Photographer [Contingent Position] to provide professional photography and videography services, namely capturing high-resolution images of the project team and events in Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland State.

What we’re looking for:

From each assignment applicant is expected to:

–       Provide edited jpegs of the highest possible quality with detailed metadata and captions covering where, what, who, and when as well as background or context for the photo.
–       Provide all RAW images and B-roll shot during all assignments.
–       Send all images via online file systems such as dropbox or we-transfer or best services advised while ensuring no loss of resolution and quality.


o   Minimum 5 years of experience in journalism, photography and videography as well as editing and production.
o   Must have portfolio showing catalogue of works.
o   The individual/team must be based in Somalia and able to travel within Somalia (including Somaliland);
o   Fluent in Somali and English.
o   Experience of working in Somalia.
o   Proficient in use of Adobe creative software and Final Cut (or equivalent software);
o   Proficient in video and photo editing and visual production.
o   Camera and video equipment, accessories and post-processing/editing software must be of industry standard quality.
o   Capability to take photos and videos taken through a drone.
Note: The company would provide professional quality camera/video/drone equipment and relevant accessories in full working order.

Who We Are:

Having head offices in UAE, FGi is a multi-industry expeditionary solutions provider, to governments, international organizations, NGOs and the private sector Worldwide.

We specialize in government operations, with experience in over 30 countries, we help governments achieve the results on which their aid funding depends, while donors look to us to help ensure that their public procurement reform programs are delivered effectively.

How to Apply

Please click the apply button on this page or send your application to raichel.pauly@fg-int.com