Somalia Employment Agency (SEA) is looking for 2 External Affairs Liaison officers who will be based in Mogadishu. 


Requirements :


  • Most be fluent in Somalia and English
  • Must have a bachelor degree in Business Administration or logistics;
  • Must have 2 or 3 year experience and be familiar in Cargo shipments, tax clearance, bill of landing, etc.
  • Familiar with the various Somalian ministries
  • Must be able to pass full security screening


  • Assist in processing import and export documentation through the offices of various ministries
  • Assist in the processing of tax exoneration requests across Federal Member States to include Somaliland, Kismayo, Bosaso, Galkayo, and Puntland offices
  • Shall maintain current political awareness and understand the changing dynamics of the clan structures of the FMS and the FGS cabinet positions.
  • Prior professional experience involving liaising with Federal Government of Somalia officials, to include experience executing material clearances and a point of contact that can validate the clearances at Minister of Finance; Minister of Interior; Minister of Internal Security; Minister of Foreign Affairs & Internal Cooperation; Minister of Interior, Federal Affairs & Reconciliation; Minister of Aviation & Transportation; Minister of Ports & Maritime Transport Minister of Defense; and/or Somali National Army military officers and officials.
  • May be required to travel outside of Mogadishu from time to time
  • Prior professional experience involving liaising with the States of Puntland and Jubaland officials, to include experience executing material clearances and a point of contact who can validate this at the Ministry of Finance and Office of the State’s President.
  • Demonstrated proof of performance: dated proof of receipt (Bills of Lading), submission (Ministry of Finance reference numbers), and clearance of tax exonerations (copies of final customs documents) the vendor has previously cleared. Data must demonstrate dates received and tax exemption/customs clearance date with documentation to determine an average clearance time. Each clearing must display types of items; e.g., food, military vehicles, parts etc
  • Demonstrated experience clearing both Air and Surface (Sea) cargo through Mogadishu International Airport (MIA), Port of Mogadishu, Port of Kismayo, Port of Bosaso, and Port of Berbera.
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct gate clearance for cargo trucks within MIA security perimeter
  • Demonstrated experience in the drafting and routing of Diplomatic Notes through the US Embassy in Mogadishu – or any other Embassy in Africa (must be able to site-specific diplomatic note numbers).
  • Prior professional or academic experience using Microsoft Word and Excel.

How to Apply

Please send your CV and Cover letter to info@sea.so 


Thank you.