Mission Background

In July 2012, the EU launched EUCAP Nestor, a civilian mission which assists host countries develop self-sustaining capacity for enhancement of maritime security.

At its launch, EUCAP Nestor was mandated to work across the Horn of Africa (HoA) and Western Indian Ocean (WIO). As of the end of 2016, following a strategic review of the Mission, activities focus solely on Somalia (including Somaliland). The Mission Headquarters is currently located in Mogadishu.


EUCAP Somalia contributes to the establishment and capacity building of maritime civilian law enforcement capability in Somalia, including Somaliland.


The Following 13 Vacancies are currently available at the EUCAP Mogadishu Office. Please read the Application process before Applying:

Application process

  • Application form can be downloaded From / Formka Shaqada lagu codsan halkaan kala deg   http://www.eucap-som.eu/jobs/
  • If you cannot download the application from our website you can ask one from Human Resources Unit of EUCAP sending a mail to / Haddaadan Formka kala degi karin Webka EUCAP, Emailkaan codsi u dir si ay kuugu soo diraan formkajobs@eucap-som.eu
  • Send application to jobs@eucap-som.eu electronically only / Formka aad buuxiso u dir emailkaas. 
  • Please, fill one application form for each position / Booskasta Form gaar ah u buuxi 
  • We take under consideration only two applications per person / / Qofkasta wuxuu codsan karraa labo boos oo keliya
  • Applications should be filled in English / Ingiriis ku qor
  • Deadline to apply for the positions is 4 December at 16:00 / Qabashadda Codsiga waxaa ugu dambaysa 4/12/2019 Saacadda 10ka galabnimo. 
  • Only duly- filled in English official application forms will be accepted / Waxaa la aqbalin oo keliya Formka si buuxda oo sax ah loo buuxiyey

The Positions:

  1. LM010 Senior National Security Assistant
  2. LM003 Finance Assistant
  3. LM008 Finance Assistant
  4. LM017 Finance Assistant
  5. LM018 Procurement Assistant
  6. LM019 Procurement Assistant
  7. LM020 Procurement Assistant
  8. LM021 Human Resources Assistant
  9. LM022 Human Resources Assistant
  10. LM023 Human Resources Assistant
  11. LM016 Logistics Assistant LM024
  12. Logistics Assistant
  13. LM006 Maritime Assistant

Somali Employment Agency (SEA) Guul bay ku rajayn!