DRC has been providing relief and development services in the Horn of Africa since 1997. Using a human rights framework, the DRC Somalia operations focuses mainly on people who are affected by displacement, including refugees, internally displaced, and migrant.

Danish Demining Group (DDG) is a specialized unit within DRC which implements mine action and armed violence reduction (AVR) programmes. DDG’s mandate is ‘to create a safe environment free from armed violence and the remnants of conflict’, and DDG does this via a programmatic focus on four key sectors: Security Systems Reform, Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) management, Mine Action and Conflict Management.

Available Vacancies

  1. General Support Case Worker (2) – Berberahttps://sea.so/job/general-support-case-worker-2/
  2. General Support Case Worker (1) – Hargeisahttps://sea.so/job/general-support-case-worker-1/
  3. Protection Officer (2) – Berbera –  https://sea.so/job/protection-officer-sgbv-2/
  4. Protection Officer (1) – Hargeisahttps://sea.so/job/protection-officer-sgbv-1-hargeisa/
  5. Team leader – Finance – Hargeisa –  https://sea.so/job/team-leader-finance-hargeisa/
  6. Team leader – Supply Chain – Hargeisahttps://sea.so/job/team-leader-supply-chain-hargeisa/