Good Customer Relations has for a long time been misunderstood to be necessary for external clients only. Little or no focus is given to internal clients who make up the majority of team effort in achieving Save the Children vision and mission. Customers are therefore both internal and external parties of SCI. The administration team is the first face of SCI and the go-to when clarification is sought, information is to be shared etc.
It’s no longer possible to push customer service to the side and expect customers to be happy. People are more connected than ever, and that means they’re constantly sharing their experiences, including particularly bad support interactions. These days it’s important to focus on developing a strong customer service department with well-trained, dedicated agents who have the tools they need to do the job well. Providing top-notch support is directly related to customer retention and loyalty, as well as increasing overall customer satisfaction. Considering that, it’s crucial to realize another factor: customer service training is how you make it all work. Hiring the right people is excellent, but it’s not the only step. It’s the first step to a long journey of being the best. No matter how talented an individual is, there will always be more to learn and skills to develop. Training for customer support includes understanding on how to work on a team together and the best ways to work with your particular set of customers. We therefore need to ensure that our administration staff continuously improve the professionalism that is required when dealing with both internal and external clients.

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