World Vision Somalia in Garowe Office intends to establish Frame Work Agreements with key suppliers for the commodities/services indicated below.  World Vision Somalia invites your company to make an offer based upon the conditions stated in this Request for Quote.

Undertaking from the Vendor

We, the undersigned, hereby offer to render the following services to World Vision International in conformity with the requirements defined in the RFQ  dated the 24th February 2020, and all of its attachments, as well as the provisions of the WVI General Contract Terms and Conditions:

Qualifications of the Supplier

The Service Provider must describe and explain how and why they are the best entity that can deliver the requirements of WVI by indicating the following:

a) Updated legal and statutory business documents as required by the Puntland Tender Board and Government Authorities in Puntland State ( The registration from the Puntland tender board, license from ministry of commerce, tax clearance letter from Ministry of finance and registration from the local government)

b) All Prices to be provided should be valid for 12 Months Minimum

Submission Procedures:

Bid Submissions MUST be in sealed envelopes showing the RFQ Reference Number and dropped in the tender box at our World Vision Puntland office, in Garowe.

Closing Day, Date:  Wednesday 4th March 2020 before 10; 00 am

Information to bidders: 

  1. Currency of offer should be in US Dollar
  2. Payment will be made to the supplier by cheque or bank transfer within 30 days from receipt by World Vision Somalia of all documents mentioned in purchase order.
  3. Inspection (at buyer’s expense or unless negotiated as seller’s expense) may be applicable and will be advised at time of purchase order and arranged by World Vision Somalia or the supplier.
  4. World Vision Somalia does not undertake to pay in advance of delivery.
  5. World Vision Somalia reserves the right to accept the whole or part of your offer.
  6. (if applicable) Goods supplied for World Vision Somalia are exempt from VAT and all other customs excise duties.
  7. Hand-written, incomplete offers or offers which do not comply with any of our tender conditions will not be considered.
  8. When applied – There will be liquidated damages equivalent to a deduction of 0.1% per day or part thereof for late deliveries due to default on the part of the suppliers.
  9. Guarantee against anti-personnel mines: World Vision Somalia has decided to support an international ban on anti-personnel mines. Anti-personnel mines have killed and maimed and continue to kill and maim many refugees. A high proportion of these innocent victims are women and children. These mines pose a serious obstacle to the return of millions of refugees and displaced people around the world. World Vision Somalia shall therefore not knowingly buy products from companies that sell or manufacture anti-personnel mines or their components. If you submit a bid based on this request, it shall constitute a guarantee that neither your company nor any affiliate or a subsidiary controlled by your company sell or manufactures anti-personnel mines or their components. A contract clause confirming this will be included in an eventual purchase order based on this request.
  10. Environmental policy: World Vision Somalia’s policy is to purchase products and services, which have the least negative impact on the environment. Environmental considerations covering manufacture, transport, packing, use and disposal of goods form part of World Vision Somalia evaluation and selection criteria.
  11. Anti-Terrorism: World Vision International – Somalia (“WVS”) is a relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with the children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. As such, WVS is determined to accomplish its purpose without directly or indirectly facilitating terrorism, WVS has instituted due diligence procedures that requires all staff vendors, contractors, and other stakeholders to commit to the following: “That they have not and will not commit, attempt, advocate, facilitate, or participate in terrorism activity.”

Terrorists:  World Vision Somalia will not do any business with any known terrorist group or company involved in any way with terrorists.  World Vision Somalia shall therefore not knowingly purchase goods or services from companies that are involved with terrorist groups in any form. If you submit a bid based on this request, it shall constitute a guarantee that neither your company nor any affiliate nor a subsidiary controlled by your company are not involved with any known terrorist group. A contract clause confirming this will be included in an eventual purchase order based on this request

  1. WV “Zero Tolerance” Rule on Corruption

The World Vision Partnership follows a “zero tolerance” rule with regard to corruption (including fraud). Corrupt behavior by WV staff is always unacceptable. Such behavior directly violates World Vision’s Employee Code of Conduct. There are no exceptions. World Vision does not tolerate corruption under any circumstance.

Proposed Methodology for the Completion of Services

  • The provider should offer what they consider to be the best value for money taking into consideration total transit time i.e. when goods will be in Country and total cost. Where the provider thinks they can offer better money for longer lead term they may indicate so.
  • Bidders must give a detailed a breakdown of cost as set out in their “Financial Proposal”, the quotations must include all costs you would charge WVI, with a separate line for Taxes, where applicable.
  • Bidder should indicate the list of all items services they can offer fixed prices for the duration of the contract. Where prices can only be fixed for a set period the bidder can fix the price.
  • All quotes should be determined on the goods being ready for supply with the prices in USD ($)
  • Ensure all goods/supplies/products conform to standards and specifications agreed by both parties

Bank Details

NoDescription of required informationDetails
1.         Business/ Name 
2.        Company Email Address 
3.        Company Telephone Number 
4.       Postal Box No 
5.        Postal Code 
6.       Physical Address (location): Town. Road, Building 
7.        Business/Company PIN  
8.       Business/Company VAT Number 
9.       Certificate of Incorporation /Business Name No. 
10.     Contact Person (Name) 
11.      Company Contact Person(Telephone/Cell phone) 
12.     Company Website 
13.     Company Bank Name 
14.     Company Bank Branch Name 
15.     Company Account Name 
16.     Company Bank Account Number 
17.     Bank Swift Code 

Name of the Service Provider’s Company

Authorized Person’s Full Names


List of Requirements

Item/DescriptionUnitQtyUnite price
Cooking Gas Refilling    
Gas cylinder with gas 25kgs-supplied with cylindercylinder1  
Gas cylinder with gas 25kgs-refilling only (Owners cylinder)cylinder1  

Click here to download original documents / Halkaan kala bax Documentska rasmiga ah:RFQ Cooking Gass Supply