JOB DESCRIPTION: Assistant Reproductive Health Manager

Job Grade:
Department:Health Department
LocationCoordination Office – Mogadishu
Reports To:Reproductive Health Manager
Direct Reports:

 Overall Job Purpose

Provide technical leadership and guidance in the development of the community based reproductive health program i.e.designs, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Female Community Health workers (FCHW). Monitor and review implementation of the program activities and submit periodic update reports in compliance with the SRCS health policy.

Roles and Responsibilities of this Position:

  • To plan, organize and monitor the activities of the Female Community Health Worker (FCHW).
  • Planning her activities according to the Quality Indicators and priorities established by the SRCS Coordination office, and health department objectives.
  • Work in close collaboration and reporting to the reproductive health manager.

General responsibilities and tasks

  • Formulates annual plans, specifying yearly program goals, targets and strategies for the FCHW program in collaboration with the reproductive health program manager.
  • Support, assist, coach and train the FCHW’s, to improve the quality outcome of the program, through mentoring and direct on the job training.
  • Ensure that the FCHW are working in close collaboration with the midwifes in the SRCS clinics fixed and mobile.
  • Monitoring of the program requires extensive travel within South-Central Zone of Somalia.
  • Participates in the recruitment of FCHW as required, following the SRCS policy and procedures in place.
  • Responsible for the supervision and support to the FCHW, facilitating staff development opportunities.
  • Support and supervise in data collection and analyzing of all aspects of the FCHW program
  • Maintains communication with partners through the line manager, to ensure ongoing development of all FCHW related programs
  • Contributes to and participates in planning and implementation of all meetings between program partners (SRCS and ICRC)
  • Supports health promotion programs both in the clinic and community setting
  • Compiles and sends the monthly data on the female community health workers (FCHW) activities and referrals.
  • Encourages and supports contact between the FCHW’sfor networking and program dissemination.
  • Ensure that all FCHW are provided with FCHW kits.
  • Communicate with ICRC for replenishment of FCHW kits

Sexual Violence:

  • Trains and supervises FCHW in the referral of Victims of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV)
  • Maintains confidentiality and do no harm approach
  • Regular meetings with the FCHWs and midwives to improve and develop the management of SGBV cases.
  • Manage the stock of Post Rape Kits (PRKs) stored in the coordination office, reports on the stock position and distributes the PRKs according to the need.
  • Ensure that all clinics have dignity kits, replenish in case of need, make timely orders to mitigate stock out.
  • Ensures that the individual SGBV filled in form is sent to ICRC on time

Fistula referrals:

  • Ensure that the FCHW are referring patients with obstetric fistulas to the PHC clinics and assist in follow up.
  • Follow up the referral form from the PHC clinics to Keysaney hospital
  • Responsible for the fistula database, “Fistula monitoring excel sheet”, updates it and distribute it weekly, so that the status of the patient is known to all, clinics and Keysaney hospital.
  • Inform the BHO the time for surgery, so that the clinic can prepare the patient and referred.
  • Makes sure the patient is contra referred to the SRCS clinic and followed up post-surgery
  • Ensures all the receipts of the fistula referrals are collected and sent to the data manager

 Strategic Partnerships

  • Is aware of socio-political situation and keeps information up-to-date.
  • Channels all relevant information related to the context to all branch’s, clinics and coordination office
  • Advises movement partners in various fields such as culture, politics, economy, security.
  • Develop and enhance relationships with strategic partners, donors, local authorities, and humanitarian actors to maximize support for humanitarian response
  • Represent SRCS in relevant conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the SRCC Senior Management
Minimum Requirements:Education

·         Post-Graduate qualifications or equivalent professional practice in Public Health/Community Health, Medicine, Nursing, Community Development, Public Administration, Social Sciences.


·         Minimum 10 years relevant experience in a humanitarian or development organization. At least 3 years in senior management with experience in reproductive health.


  • Demonstrating consistency in upholding integrity and ethics
  • Demonstrated knowledge and commitment to the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
  • Team leader with demonstrated mentoring and coaching skills
  • Effective communications and interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in computer office packages word, excel, power point
  • Demonstrate openness to change & ability to manage complexities
  • Demonstrated conflict resolution skills and ability to manage intergroup dynamics and mediate conflicting interests
  • Excellent writing skills, analytical capacity to synthesize project outputs and findings for the preparation of quality program reports
  • Maturity & confidence in dealing with senior and high-ranking officials Remain calm, in control and good humored even under pressure
  • Respond positively to critical feedback and differing points of views.

Language Requirement:

Demonstrate proficiency in Somali and English languages

Only Female candidates are invited to send their updated CV, cover letter, and copy of their certificates to: srcshrm@gmail.com

Deadline for Applications: 15th Jan. 2020